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How do I SUMIF two date ranges and filter with a value? The date range formula I've been using is:


Which works great for summing all values within column C. But as my sheet gets larger it would be nice to add a value filter, which in this example is (D6:) Food

Column A     Column B   Column C      Column D 
7/25/2012    Food       $9.26                                      
7/25/2012    Clothes    $40.00        D4 = Start Date (7/16/2012)
7/24/2012    Fast Food  $10.00        D5 = End Date   (7/20/2012)       
7/21/2012    Gas        $471.50    D6 = Value      (Food)       
7/18/2012    Food       $3.60          Sum of results = $516.49    
7/23/2012    Food       $478.73 
7/23/2012    Food       $34.16  
7/16/2012    Gas        $82.33  
7/15/2012    Food       $74.00 
7/15/2012    Rent       $400.00
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In order to reproduce the result, given by the OP, you need to use this formula.




Apart from that, you need to change the end date from 7/20/2012 to 7/23/2012


enter image description here


See example file I prepared: SUM with FILTER

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Here's the answer for reference:


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You apply the string filter to Column C. That must be Column B. The first argument of the FILTER function is the range it needs to filter. In your case that must be Column C. – Jacob Jan Tuinstra Apr 26 '13 at 9:40

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