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Recently I have shifted from Hotmail to the new Outlook.com. It supports adding multiple POP3 emails into it. I have successfully added my Gmail into it (you can refer the steps here). But my gmail inbox mails are not getting displayed and it returns a blank inbox for Gmail.

I tried both the default and advanced methods to add my email. Is this something related with 2-step verification? Here is an article about setting up POP in mail client and is mentioning about some application passwords for mails with 2 step verification here. How do I add my Gmail with 2-step verification so I can view messages on outlook.com?

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As mentioned in the linked you'll have to generate a one-time application-specific password and provide that application-specific password as your password when you're adding the Gmail account.

Note I haven't tried this for outlook.com but the practice is standard for across all clients which request for password & don't request for the token code using Google's 2-factor auth

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