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Does anyone know how to forward all email messages under a particular label in Gmail to another person?

I have 105 email messages that I managed under the label "Stumble Upon" and now I want to send all of them to another person. Is this possible?

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Solution for future incoming e-mails

Create a new filter with the adequate words or label and then apply the filter.

Here it is step by step:

  • Go to Settings (button top right of your inbox)
  • Pick the Filters tab
  • At the very bottom, click on Create a new filter
  • In the field Has the words, add "label:StumbleUpon" (or whatever)
  • Choose Create filter with this search
  • Check Forward it to: and choose the right e-mail address
  • Check Apply to the [XX] conversations
  • Press Create Filter

[EDIT] The "Apply" doesn't work for old mails, you will have to use one of these tricks:

Forwarding past mails

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The command line solution Got Your Back mentioned above is really powerful. New link is here: github.com/jay0lee/got-your-back/wiki – garec Jul 8 '14 at 21:36

Use Hiver - http://hiverhq.com. It helps you share your Gmail labels with any other Gmail user. It works for all Gmail and Google Apps email ids.

You can also download the browser extension from here and get started in a minute: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/shared-labels-for-gmail-b/fcinnggknmdfkilogcndkgpojpfojeem?hl=en.

This would share all your old and new emails under that label.

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You can use Google Scripts to Forward Gmail messages in bulk based on labels and unlike filters, scripts even work with existing messages.

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Please add the instructions to the answer instead of just linking to your own site. Thanks! – Alex Aug 22 '13 at 9:27

You can use SquadMail and share that label with someone. Just sing up for free, create a label and invite someone else to it. The label will show up in both of your Gmail accounts and every email you put in it is automatically synchronized.

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