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I work with two different customers and need to share the same folder with each of them, but I don't want them to know of each other.

At the moment, any user who joins a shared Dropbox folder can see other users’ email. How can I prevent this?

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Try This:

Cust A shares folder with You. You share Folder with Cust B. (Folder stays same, no copy.)
No Auto-sync will be there, but maybe they both will see each other.

The foolproof plan can be:

Cust A shares with You (Copy A). You Make Copy B and share it with Cust B. (Now you have two copies of folder.)
Possibly no auto-sync, but for sure Cust A & B cannot see each other. You could use something like Microsoft Auto-Sync Toy (with Echo action) to sync.

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You can simply send each of your customers/consultants a link to the folder (share link icon).

This allows them access to the folder and cannot have access to anymore information on the folder.

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