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I'd like to create a database-driven seating chart for my workplace that can be accessible to web applications within our company intranet. For example, it would model the information that "John Smith" is seated in cube 35a on floor 7 of our building. Or even contain GPS coordinates. Then ideally, we could generate maps of each floor of the building (or at least superimpose the seat locations onto an existing floor map), or answer direct queries of "Where does John Smith sit," or anything else we dream up.

Before I reinvent the wheel and build this from scratch, are there any existing frameworks (preferably open source, but commercial is OK) to help me do this? People move around, seating arrangements change, buildings get renovated, etc., so the more maintainable the system, the better. (Also, the maps need to be private, behind our firewall.)

I tried googling for "office maps," "workplace seating charts," etc., and didn't find much that was helpful. (Are there better search terms for this kind of app?) Thanks for any advice.

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