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My company abc.com has signed up with Yahoo Business Email.

Everyone in my company is assigned an email address user1@abc.com, user2@abc.com ...etc.

I have a few questions:

  1. It is required that user1 to be able to create Distribution List (DL) on Yahoo Business Email Server so that it is automatically available to other users. Similarly for Calendar sharing.

  2. I have configured email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird and Zimbra to fetch and send Emails. Is it possible that if user1@abc.com creates a Calendar entry in Outlook then this entry is published on Yahoo such that user2@abc.com, user3@abc.com can see that time as "busy"/"free" when they try to schedule a meeting with user1@abc

  3. Was also wondering if there is any way Yahoo Bizmail shares contact list associated with abc.com to authorized abc.com users via some kind of WebService

Thanks for any pointers!

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