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I'm working in a Google Docs spreadsheet where I've set up validation lists for a column. When I tab into that column as I'm editing a row, the drop-down handle appears:

Selected cell with drop-down list handle

In order to access values from the list, I have to move my hand from the keyboard to the mouse and then use the mouse to select the appropriate value.

I looked at the spreadsheet docs, but the only thing I saw in there was how to create these cells.

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This answer is out of date. It seems this is now resolved in the new Google Sheets.

I have been through all the keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs Spreadsheet and tried every logical key combination I can think of but I cannot find a key combination that will drop down the validation menu I'm afraid.

This is a glaring omission IMO. Particularly since you can go through the entire process of setting up the cell validation in the first place using just the keyboard!

This very same question on the Google Product forums from May 2011 has gone unanswered.

It would seem the mouse is the only option as far as I can tell unfortunately.

Just to note... Ctrl+/ is a handy keyboard shortcut to view all the keyboard shortcuts!

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Thanks for the validation (and commiseration :) – arootbeer Aug 22 '12 at 20:46
As the below answer shows, this accepted answer is now out of date – sanjaypoyzer Apr 19 at 11:38

The new version of Google Sheets makes it very simple: hit the Enter key while you're in the cell. Boom. Drop down list.

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