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I have a wordpress blog that is hosted on hostgator.com. I am looking at switching to BlogEngine.net. I found the BlogML project up on codeplex to help with the migration. It has a tool called "WordPress BlogML Export 1.0a". This is a replacement for export.php which can be uploaded to wp-admin/ on a wordpress blog.

I did this and then exported my blog from wordpress using this new export script. However, when I use the BlogEngine.net import tool, and give it my exported BlogMl file, it says "Invalid BlogML."

Any idea on what might be invalid?


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Download the source code to the BlogML project and use the binary in the

Schema Validator\bin\Release

directory to see what problems your BlogML file has. If there aren't any, the problem is probably on their end.

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Once I got the schema file, it pointed out all the errors. Thanks a ton! – Andy Schneider Jul 11 '10 at 3:23

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