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Mobile Evernote's syncing is good most of the time, but occasionally, I'll get an error page that says something went wrong connecting while syncing or the app just gets to the note slowly because it is also trying to connect to the web.

This becomes very bothersome when I just want to jot a quick note down. At these times, I could care less about automatic syncing - I'd rather just be able to write the quick note down, and let it sync whenever I choose. All for the sake of a stable, reliable mobile experience with no delay in getting to write a note.

So, is there a way to prevent automatic syncing and selectively choose when to sync?

(I know that you can choose to sync only on wifi, but that doesn't help.)

If someone has a better solution to the main issue, which is how to make Evernote mobile reliable for getting to a note quickly / adding a note, I would be pleased to hear that too, but I can only think of preventing the app from automatically connecting to the web.

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On Android you could try setting "Sync automatically" to "No background sync" in settings. You should then be able to sync on demand by tapping the little refresh icon on the lower left of the main menu.

Another alternative could be to email notes to Evernote.

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Apparently, the iPhone version doesn't have this option, causing my problem. I contacted Evernote about this. Thanks. –  dmonopoly Aug 30 '12 at 22:24

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