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Paypal Works well, but the fees are ridiculous. Transfer 236 Euro to someone and it asks me to pay fee of more than 12 Euro. No reason to be that greedy.

Money Bookers Are cheap enough but hard to use. I need to transfer my address to a different country and setup a new bank account number with them. They make me jump through all kinds of hoops to do this.

  1. My new address needs to be verified. Time and Effort wasted. I don't know why my physical location even matters to them.
  2. My back account number has already been used in another MoneyBookers account. I had it closed, but it still denies me the ability to add it to my new account.

I can't use a piss poor service like this. By the time I will have emailed them about the problems I may as well have used paypal. I've already wasted 30mins trying to set this up.

Other services like amazon transfers insist that I must live in the US to use their service.

Short of mailing the money 18,000km what are my options?

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Western Union? –  w3d Sep 4 '12 at 11:05
Nearly as expensive as paypal unfortunatly. –  Keyo Sep 7 '12 at 1:26

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Ever heard of Bitcoin? It's a decentralized online currency. You can buy them using euros and sell them for euros again at a quite stable rate.

One disadvantage is that I don't know any Bitcoin Exchange that does not incur a 1.20 EUR deposit and withdrawal fee. Apart from that, trade fees are usually around 0.55%, wich is reasonable, right? Credit cards are usually not allowed, but you can make a simple SEPA transfer.

Have a look at weusecoins.org and MtGox / Intersango (which are the prominent Bitcoin exchanges). Any question can be asked on the Bitcoin Stack Exchange.

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Good suggestion. My problem is that none of the BTC exchanges can give me a good rate, as my NZ Dollar is not very popular. I can only pay by SWIFT which means the banks get me again. I could buy the bitcoins off anyone though. There is a company that will do NZD->bitcoin for a good rate, but their service is lousy from what I hear. –  Keyo Sep 7 '12 at 1:26

If you are based in Europe you could try Azimo.com. Charges around 1% including delivery to over 125 countries around the world. In the USA, Xoom offer a similar service but I think they are much more expensive.

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