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Possible Duplicate:
How can I sort emails in GMail by size?

In Gmail, how can I create a filter that will forward messages with an attachments larger than say 10MB to another account?

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Gmail has officially started supporting search by size, it means you can create a filter with size:20m to filter (and/or forward) all emails greater than 20 MB.

Gmail does not support searching / sorting on attachment size. It does however allow you to search and filter on attachment type (has:attachment filename:pdf), that may work if you can isolate your large mails on file name/extension.

An alternate - but not very neat - way to do that would involve setting up your Gmail in desktop client as IMAP and move it to specific folder (label) or forward it to another account.

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While there is no filter that can do this I have looked into a service that can help: find big mail

It will identify your largest emails. It is free for @gmail.com accounts

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