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In Gmail you can link to a specific thread, from that thread you can open it in a new window. I'd like to link straight to that window. I enjoy the minimal look and I get distracted if I see my inbox has unread messages.

When I copy the URL for the thread window and paste it into a new tab it doesn't load. What URL do I need to use to link straight to the thread window?

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You mean a window like this: i.imgur.com/wQyaX.png?1 ? – ComputerLocus Sep 6 '12 at 4:01
"I get distracted if I see my inbox has unread messages." - There used to be a lab feature that hid the unread count - although that doesn't appear to be available anymore!? – w3dk Sep 6 '12 at 12:07

If the link does not work, that probably means Google doesn't want you to visit that page without coming from the Gmail homepage.

That being the case, I fear you won't find a way around.

If you like the minimal look, this Chrome Extension maybe can help you: Minimalist for Everything (fusion of former "Minimalist for Gmail" and others).

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