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I want to curate a special topic on my Tumblr, so I'm trying to reblog everything related. After months and hundreds of posts, it's hard to know if I reblogged something already.

Because I don't want to duplicate a reblog, I check if my Tumblr is listed in the "Notes" list of a post. Unfortunately, this list can become very long and I'd have to click "Show more notes" and on each page search for my name.

Is there an easier way to check if I already reblogged a post?

If not as a function in Tumblr itself, maybe with a 3rd-party service or with a custom API call (so I could built a service myself, if it is easy)?

(It's not my main blog but a sub-blog, if it matters.)

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What I am thinking of doing is liking everything I have on my blog, then if something on your dash is liked you know you have posted it already

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Thanks! It’s a workaround that would certainly work for some, but not for me (because I’m using this Favorite functionality extensively already for other use-cases). – unor Sep 5 '13 at 6:01

Use the search engine on your tumblr page. Search for the original sourse's name.

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