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I already have some photos posted, quite a lot. As my group of 'friends' has grown I only have created a group for close friends and family. I now want to only show this group some of the photos - so :

  • can I move the photos to the group? or
  • can I restrict the photos I have already uploaded to just that group?

I realise there is a 'subscriptions' facility now so I don't have to add new aquaintances to friends

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It is not possible to move the album photos to group. Album photos is always public,you can make them private one by one. – Vembu Dec 15 '14 at 11:45
  • Moving the photos would just mean deleting them from the original album and reuploading them. There is no way to move them directly.
  • You can change the privacy of the album and choose a Friend List, but not a Group.

So the best (only) bet you have is to delete them and reupload.

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