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From time to time, I forget to send an email. Sure, I can just look at the number of drafts. But what I'd really like would be a hard-to-miss alert whenever I am about to close my Gmail that there are still drafts to be sent.

Anyone know how to achieve this?

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You can try:
Editing the Draft label to UPPER case letters, background and text color that stand out, and change settings to only show when unread, so the label will only show when there are drafts, making your eye less used to it, thereby more noticeable.
Also, make it a routine to open drafts in a new tab as soon as saving them, so when you are signing out, you'll probably see them.

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Gmail doesn't have this feature yet.

If you didn't send a feature request yet to the Gmail engineering team, click on the gear button > Send feedback or post a "question" to the official Gmail Help Forum.


Gmail Help

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