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I have a university campus email address which is of the clunky Microsoft 'Office Web Access' type. They at least offer IMAP access to it, and I've done its email in Outlook thus far so it's been bearable that way.

But I'm now moving my entire email life to Google Apps' Gmail service, and I want to basically set things up so that gmail is my interface for using this university email account.

I know that gmail doesn't offer IMAP fetching from other accounts, only POP. My uni email account doesn't offer POP, or any form of forwarding.

So what would be my options?

Is there some excellent third party software/service which can access my Uni IMAP account (in realtime 24/7), automatically forward (AND delete after forwarding) every email to my Gmail account, and retain the header info/CC/BCC and timestamp etc, so that when I reply, I can have gmail reply with the same address? (which I can set it up as an alias...)

I would prefer an online service to do this job rather than a client on a PC of mine, as it'd give 100% uptime reliability rather than depending on when my laptop is on and has internet access. But would it cost money? Are there any free ones? (or very cheap?)

Also, to repeat, my Gmail account is a google apps one, but of course I can't add my Uni's domain (and thus email with full access) to my Google Apps account since I don't own my Uni's domain name.

Thanks for your help.

(Btw, I acknowledge this same topic has already been asked about, but I'm specifically after a solution that doesn't involve a home PC 'middle man' client method, only cloud/server methods.)


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You could do this with a dedicated server or VPS running Linux and commonly available software, such as a box running on Amazon AWS. In the general case, if you value the privacy of your email, I wouldn't trust a random company to do this for you unless they are a well-known large enterprise with stringent, documented, data integrity and privacy policies (also make sure you know which country the data is stored in, so that your data is not subject to the local or national authority of governments or law enforcement agencies that may be "less free" than your own local government). – allquixotic Sep 25 '12 at 15:31