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I know how to change the theme in GMail and change the background. However I would like the background of my theme to change every so many minutes versus once a day. Similar to the way you can set the time in Windows for changing the desktop background.

I have not seen a way to do this in GMail settings.

Is this possible?

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You'll need to select a theme that changes hourly or at least based on the time of day.

In Gmail Themes there are four types of backgrounds you can choose, as indicated by the icon in the lower right of the background preview image:

  • None - Static and one image only
  • Sun - Changes based on the weather, set by your location setting
  • Clock - Based on time of day
  • Strip - Depends on the day of the week

That's the closest you'll get for now until they allow you to upload or select an album to flip through as a background wallpaper on X time increments.

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