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I'm new to Google Drive and I've also used the built in editors to create documents and spreadsheets.

For school, I've created a folder for one subject, where I'll have to work with 2 other guys from school on a document (we'll have to write about 30 pages). They were cool with uploading progress to Google Drive, but now I'm wondering: We won't be using Google Drive to write the documents, just to share progress and put relevant stuff together.

This would mean, that we would use Microsoft Office, creating docx documents. What does happen, if two of us (both using the Google Drive desktop client, so that it syncs automatically) were working on the same document at the same time? How does Drive handle this? Does the last saved document always "win" or can it somehow put the stuff together, like it does in the online editor?

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You can avoid this by converting your document to a Google Docs document, doing all of your shared changes on that, then downloading the final product as a docx file. –  Al E. Oct 1 '12 at 16:54
@AlEverett Problem is, the google document editor isn't that far (I can't create my own format-templates or putting a fixed image into the header is not possible). But I guess, this will be the only solution unless there's a way to edit .*x files. –  Ahatius Oct 3 '12 at 3:55

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