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I am using Trello to manage a project that I am doing with some of my students and I am finding that there are times when it would be useful to send a message to all of the users of the board about some change that was made to the board (i.e., meta-Trello).

Is it possible to send a message to board members that is not associated with a specific card? (I know I can use @user within card comments)

If it is not, what is the best way to deal with meta-Trello issues?

(I can always just email everyone but I would like to keep it in Trello if possible.)

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That's something we've talked about but have never decided to actually add. You can certainly have everyone on the board subscribe to one of the cards on the board (called 'Announcements' or something like that, and then they'll get notifications for any comments you make on that card.

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