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I was asked by my boss to find a software for a cleaning bussiness he is going to open. Is there any one that is good enough for this requirements:

  • Allow to generate work orders and notify contractors about them
  • Allow customers check their work orders through a customer portal. This can be used also to generate new ones.
  • Allow contractors to inform of the progress in the compliment of the work orders or any issue they have, for example loggin notes or sending images for internal use.

Most of the ones I've found are client based (are not web), I would like one that can be used just with a browser (cloud or self hosted is not a problem) is there any chance to be customizable (branding for example) it would be nice.

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Funny you should ask - I've been working on a saas Maid Software applicaiton for the past year, and I just released it to the public. http://maidplan.com/ Please feel free to call the number on the website. I'm one of the developers. –  steampowered Oct 17 '12 at 14:11