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When labeling a message with a nested label the message does not appear in the parent label, which in my opinion would be the power having a label hierarchy.

Is there a way to automatically apply the parent label when moving a message to a sublabel?

For example, given the following labels...


I would like every message labeled Today to also appear in Pending, without having to apply a filter manually.

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you have to use a filter – Sathya Oct 5 '12 at 8:14
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I managed to achieve a similar functionality this by enabling the Quick Links lab and then setting a quick link to the following seach:

label:pending OR label:pending-today OR label:pending-week
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I've achieved this by creating a new filter with all child labels linked with OR and (edited to clarify) applying parent label to it, i.e.:

label:parent-child1 OR label:parent-child2 and so on...

No Quick Links thingy (found that solution also in some other sites) and so far everything works as expected.

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For me the best solution is to make two identical filters, one for each label:

  • One that applies the parent label
  • Another that applies the nested label
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