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I am quite sure the question title is not helpful, thus, here is the long version:

Is there any "common practice" method to extend feeds to give readers an option to load more entries?

What I want to achive is providing search results in a simple-to-browse way. I thought, feeds would be nice. However, neither RSS nor Atom provide a standard mechanism to get "more entries".

I know "CoolIris" uses <atom:link rel="previous" ... /> and <atom:link rel="next" ... /> in its media feeds to achive this (reference), but using "previous" and "next" is not in the Atom specification. So this is also a very non-standard way.

Since I will create the feeds myself, I could use any method. However, is there any reader out there which will unterstand something like this?

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Cooliris is using the Media RSS extension. – kevotheclone Oct 9 '12 at 22:44
Yes, it does, but only for the content. For linking to the "next page" it uses "atom:link" in the non-standard way I described in my question. (Look at "Multipage Galleries" on the webpage I posted for reference.) – 3of4 Oct 11 '12 at 6:42
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If I understand what you want correctly, you want to implement "paged search results" in a Atom/RSS feed.

I don't think this type of thing is widely implemented, but there is a proposed standard (via Amazon.com) at OpenSearch.org—look specifically at the OpenSearch response elements.

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This looks great. Although I don't want to implement searching, this is definitly the best direction for me to continue. - Thanks – 3of4 Oct 11 '12 at 6:37

As to any existing reader which will understand this?

Probably not out of the box, but Awasu is easily extendable, and can understand Atom/RSS extension namespaces/elements via Metadata Modules, look under the "Advanced Features" section of the help. I've even created a couple Metadata Modules to extract geographical and earthquake data embedded in feeds, and added them to Awasu's user Wiki: Metadata modules on Awasu's Wiki.

To my knowledge, Awasu is the only Atom/RSS reader that can easily capture, display and republish Atom/RSS extension namespaces/elements; really a shame for non-Awasu users, as there is a lot of additional extension namespaces/elements in feeds today.

Awasu is well supported; there is little it can't do, and help from the developer is rarely more than 24 hours away.

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Awasu looks quite promissing. But since almost everyone else would not be able to use the provided data, I will look into the other answer first. Anyway - Thanks! – 3of4 Oct 11 '12 at 6:39

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