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For archival purposes, I am storing a list of emails. I would like to be able to later find a particular message in my Gmail account. A unique message identifier is its Message-ID.

However Gmail does not allow searching for it (returns an empty result). I don't really understand why, since the ID is in the message text. So, is there a way to retrieve a message by its Message-ID in Gmail?

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This is now possible.

Announced in a recent blog post, you can now use a bunch of new search operators, including RFC 822 message ID.

From Gmail Help - Using advanced search


Find a message by the message-id header

Example: rfc822msgid:20050329231145.62086.mail@mail.emailprovider.com

Meaning: Locates the exact message with the specified SMTP message-id.

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I use multiple labels on a single conversation.

One label refers to the subject/project and the 2nd label is simply titled "keep". When I need to find one of these important conversations, I just search for "label:projectx label:keep". The result is the small set of conversations that meet both requirements.

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