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Does Google Sites support rel="me" on links? I'm finding with straight HTML it strips it right out and replaces it with rel="nofollow". The same thing occurs if I try rel="nofollow me".

Is there any way to get the rel attribute to work with Google Sites?

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Google Sites automatically adds rel="nofollow" to all external links. There is no way to override or remove this - Google Support Post.

Internal links (links to pages within your own site) are no affected by this - you can add rel="me" to internal links and it won't be stripped out / replaced.

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That Google Support post was updated awhile back. You can avoid Google's automatic rel="nofollow" on external links IFF you have your own non-Google hosted domain, or maybe any URL, pointing to your Google Site according to this follow-up:

Google just updated Google Sites so if you have a mapped web address pointing to your site, [e.g. http://www.example.com], then the rel="nofollow" will not be included on any links on your site when viewed at the mapped address, but will be included on links at the sites.google.com address.

Other than that, the same nofollow remains in place for Google Sites. Google hasn't responded to any of the inquiries requesting it be changed.

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