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How can Google Docs Spreadsheet be prevented from expanding to the size of the cell contents?


The cell expands vertically to fit the cell contents:

enter image description here

The cell expands horizontally to fit the cell contents:

enter image description here

Would like to see something like this instead:

enter image description here

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There's a "wrap text" icon in the button bar just below the menu -- 4th button from the right, between the "merge cells" and "functions" buttons.

enter image description here

By default, text wrap is enabled. You can disable it for specific cells, a range of cells, entire rows, entire columns or the entire spreadsheet. Select the relevant cells (or column or row header or the top left corner for the entire spreadsheet), then just click the "wrap text" button to disable it.

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Thanks, it does the job. – Pavel S. Sep 4 '13 at 16:20
I must have a newer version because this does not work. – user107270 Nov 2 '15 at 23:43

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