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I only follow a handful of close family members on Facebook, and I do it to share status updates as we live far away. But when I log in all I can see is (not)funny meme photos that have been "liked" by someone I follow, which is annoying.

The photos are originally posted by fake accounts with names like "I hate how spiders just sit on the wall like they pay rent", but when they are "liked" by someone I follow, they show up my stream. I'm sick of them.

How can I block these pictures from my stream without blocking the person I follow?

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In your Facebook News Feed, hover over the name of your friend and then the word Friends, and click on Settings.... If you do not want your friend's comments and likes to appear in your News Feed, uncheck Comments and Likes.

Friends menu Friends settings menu

Alternatively, choose Hide... from the menu in the upper right corner of the post and choose one of the options that are shown.

Hide menu Hide result

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They're called pages, not 'fake profiles'. You can go onto the Page and select the option to block the page.

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