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We use Google Apps for business for email, docs etc. For one account sydney@domain.com I setup a Google+ profile but didn't realise it would change the name of the email account

Was: From email name: "Sydney Branch"

Email address: sydneybranch@domain.com

Now: From email name: "John Smith"

Email address: sydneybranch@domain.com

I'd like to change it back. The name hasn't changed though in the Google Apps domain management email section though, so i don't know what's going on and don't want to lose that email address/account through suspension. I couldn't care less about losing Google+, i'm happy to remove that profile, but would it revert the name?

Update: So i've gone and deleted the google+ profile and it didn't make a difference, so i went and deleted the entire google profile and then went into the google apps domain management screen to see if it had changed the name at all and it hadn't. So i resaved the name as "Sydney Branch", (it was still showing this) and it changed to "John Smith". So there is some interaction between the two, so i resaved again as "Sydney Branch" and am now just going to wait and see. Why oh why did i muck around with this?

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You're a paying Google apps customer, so you have access to their Apps support serivce. What did they say? – MaryC.fromNZ Oct 11 '12 at 10:33

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