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It used to be that you could edit HTML and join your tables. I have about a hundred dynamic documents with tables that need to be joined and split routinely. Each of these tables has seven columns and up to sixty rows. Doing this cell by cell is not an option.

At the moment we are pretty much frozen. All the collaboration that depended on Google documents is no longer possible, and we are back to paper, emails, telephone calls, and are about to abandon the entire idea of Google documents as a useful tool.

How can I split and join tables? And how can I create tables that expand and contract to fit the web browser window? Tables now seem to be fixed width and almost completely inflexible.

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I don't know how to split or join tables (although you can manually add rows one at a time, and then manually copy and paste a row of data at a time). You can remove the fixedwidthness of tables by clicking in the table and then clicking (in the googledocs menu) table... properties, and unchecking the dimensions that are pre-checked.

I too am going to abandon google for these same reasons. I'm writing my own software for data sharing.


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