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I've learnt that one can add annotation on maps on OpenStreetMap by adding

  1. box=yes&bbox=lon1,lat1,lon2,lat2 to draw a rectangle and
  2. mlon=lon&mlat=lat to add a marker



What other drawing parameters (most importantly, text, if possible) can one add to OpenStreetMap URLs? It must be a simple URL I can email to someone, so no using APIs or running my own webserver.

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I think the ones you mention pretty much cover what is available actually - the only other ones are the node, way and relation parameters for overlaying specific OpenStreetMap objects on the map.

I would add though that most of these parameters are considered internal implementation details for use by the OpenStreetMap site itself and you shouldn't really be relying on them for use in other places.

The only real exception to that is the mlat and mlon parameters as they are used by the embedded map export tool to overlay a marker so it is unlikely we would remove those.

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