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I know I can tag my friends and groups in Facebook status updates using the @-notation. In addition I would like to tag groups I don't belong to or pages I'm not a "fan" of, like

Went to see @"Hot Tub Time Machine". You should too.

I am aware of the alternatives:

  • Joining the group to be able to tag it
  • Attaching a link to my status update
  • Pasting bit.ly-ed link to the page.

I'm trying to keep my facebook profile clean of ephemeral groups and my feed simple and readable, and I like the idiom of @tagging. Is this possible?

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As taken from Facebook's Help page, you cannot. I use the same alternatives as you do.

Tagging allows you to more actively mention your friends and other things you are connected to on Facebook.

An extra alternative you may want to add to your list is to use the Facebook Like Feature on websites. This way at least users can like your status. For example in this case , The Internet Movie Database.

fencliff likes Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) on IMDb.

Maybe movie theaters will grab in on this idea.

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Thanks, I anticipated this might not be possible. I like the Facebook Connect idea on via IMDb. – fencliff Jul 13 '10 at 12:33

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