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I want to create a one-question survey (actually multiple surveys over time) and embed a module with the survey question in our web app. Analysis of the results would take place online through the survey software.

Any ideas?

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I just stumbled on a site that looks like it does this quite elegantly (not mentioned in the answers below): www.qualtrics.com – Liz Pearce Jul 22 '10 at 21:14

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I'm not sure about mobile support but I've had good experiences and heard great things about Wufoo.


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PollDaddy say you can embed your poll in Facebook, Wordpress, MySpace, Ning, Email and Javascript. I suppose the option you want is Javascript.

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It might be worth taking a look at KISSinsights, by the same guys who produced KISSmetrics and Survey.io

Keeping it simple

KISSinsights helps you keep it simple by providing you with an easy to implement and customizable feedback form that results in actionable insights from the visitors on your website.

It's not just another survey or polling application

What you need is targeted customer feedback that doesn't require engineering time when you have a new question you want to ask. With KISSinsights, after a one-time JavaScript install, you can manage all of your questions directly from your dashboard.

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Thanks, this may be exactly what I'm looking for! – Liz Pearce Jul 13 '10 at 3:55

Rather than looking for a survey app with embedding support, you could embed a survey hosted by any survey webapp (such as PollDaddy or SurveyMonkey) in an iframe?

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SurveyMonkey is what we use for other surveys -- they don't support iframes very well. – Liz Pearce Jul 23 '10 at 17:34

Google Forms is easy to use, embeddable and linked to your Google account. It also provides basic analysis and is excellent for collaboration.

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Does it tie into Google Analytics in any way? – Liz Pearce Jul 14 '10 at 22:26

I second Google Forms. Really easy to use, and I have seen it used for business and casual purposes

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JotForm would be a great solution for this since the free version does not add "Report Abuse" and "Powered by" links on the forms unlike similar solutions posted on this thread. So, it would look more professional.

You can also redirect users to a page on your site after the form submission. So, it can work seamlessly within your web application.

If you have any questions about JotForm, please let me know.

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Note: The poster is the author of this software. It's not clear that this is the case from his profile. – ChrisF Nov 28 '11 at 13:29

Shameless self-promotion:

SurveyGizmo supports embedding as iframe and Javascript, passing of extra variables through the url, and querying responses and survey data through the API.

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www.LagunaSurvey.com is one solution. You can embed a module with the survey question in a frame or web app or use a link. And its free for basic use (with no annoying spam, subscription or commercial etc).

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You can also try Rational Survey. It has plenty of features and integrates well with other applications. They even have a tutorial to follow.

Rational Survey - Survey Embed Tutorial

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Zoho Creator, which competes with Google Docs, can also meet your requirements

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Obsurvey is one, and it's free.

You can embed the survey directly in your website see example here

The benefits/features of Obsurvey are:

  • It is very very easy to use
  • You can format all of the text with basic formatting
  • You can insert pictures everywhere
  • It has reporting and filtering of responses
  • You can download charts as images
  • You can download entire reports as PDF
  • You can share live reports, and shared reports can even be filtered and PDF's can be downloaded
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Please disclose any affiliation. (This site is linked in your profile so it would seem you do have an interest in this.) – w3dk Oct 2 '15 at 9:07

You can try Impressity.com. It treats iframe embedding really well: meaning the embedding is seamless without any ugly scroll bars, so the survey really looks like part of the web page; and you can adjust the size of your embedded survey easily. Details are here.

Disclaimer: I know people working for the company.

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