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I'm editing a document using Google Docs.

I would like to add several words to the Spell Checker dictionary (e.g. 'Lasiewski' ;). This feature used to exist. However, I don't see a way how to do this, and read that this feature may have been removed.

Is it possible to add words to the spell checker dictionary in Google Docs?

Can anyone provide any official links regarding this change?


I realize that I can use the spell checker in my browser. However in Google Docs, if I right click I am presented with the Spell Check menu from Google, not from my browser. Is there a magic key combination which allows me to use my browser's spell check?

Even with the browser's spell check feature, it would be great to be able to use gdoc's spell-checker as well.

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Most web browsers have spell-check built in now. For example, I'm writing this in Chrome for Mac and find that missspelled wordes get highlighted.

In order to add words to your broswer's spell-checker, you should be able to Right Click (Ctrl-Click, on a Mac) and select "Add to Dictionary." This works in Safari, Chrome and Firefox, for Mac and PC.

Good luck!

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In Google Docs, when I right click I get a Spell Check menu from Google, not from my browser. I suppose I need to find the right key combination to get the Firefox menu instead of the Google menu. – Stefan Lasiewski Jul 12 '10 at 21:04
Lol @ "missspelled wordes" – Daniel LeCheminant Jul 12 '10 at 21:12
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Google Docs added this feature around August 2010. The Google Docs blog post at Table resizing and other niceties in documents says:

Add words to your dictionary

You can add words to the spellchecking dictionary by right-clicking on any word that’s marked as misspelled and selecting Add to dictionary.

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