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I've collected a list of placenames and would like to see them all on a map.

I know I can do a Google Maps search for them one by one.

But I'm wondering if there is a web app out that that can do either of these:

  • Find every place mentioned in a document or web page and show a map with all of those places marked.


  • Prompt the user for a list of places for which it will then show a map with all of those places marked.

Ideally the map will be zoomed to cover just the region of the world where places are marked.

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See this thread on plotting map points from excel entries. This should allow you to take addresses from a file (eg spreadsheet) and plot them on a map.


http://batchgeo.com/ is an example from this list, it allows you to paste address-related cells to plot.

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Yes I just found batchgeo independently - seems perfect with my initial tests. I'll check out your other tip too. –  hippietrail Oct 15 '12 at 5:51

Well I did try all kinds of searches before asking here and came up with nothing.

But I kept trying more searches after asking and I think I found exactly what I wanted, in fact the second kind I asked for:


Here's their input screen:

batchgeo input screen

And here's the map I made with it for an answer on another Stack Exchange site:

Map of aggregated "top places to snorkel in the Caribbean"

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