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I manage a domain and I want to force all users to change their password every 3 months.

Is there a way to do this?

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It is possible using the Google Apps Provisioning API. This will let you update the changePasswordAtNextLogin property to true.

Here will the flow.

  • Make a query for user account details.
  • Check updated field. If it is older than 3 months, update the changePasswordAtNextLogin property to "true". (Here I am assuming that no other field has been changed in user's account in between)

To manage the same, I wrote a Google Apps Script Code for one of my customer which runs nightly to check and update changePasswordAtNextLogin property to true if the condition is met. Hope the above idea will help you to implement it.

I have wrote a handy script on my site. Have a look: http://www.googleappsscript.org/home/force-google-apps-users-to-change-password-periodically

Reference: https://developers.google.com/google-apps/provisioning/#managing_user_accounts

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Short answer: No.

Longer answer: It might be possible if you are already running a MS Active Directory or other user catalogue. Then you could set up single sign-on from your directory to Google Apps, and users will have to obide by any password policy you set on your directory. Check this example setup.

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Yes, this can easily be done with a third party tool like Flashpanel (not for free though)

Basically, in Flashpanel, you go to Tools | Security Tools | Reset Passwords then Create a new Password Policy. From there you select users and/or organization groups.

Quote from the page in the link above:

Want your employees to reset their passwords every 3 months? FlashPanel can do that.

I love this tool, even the free version. I recommend it for anyone managing Google Apps.

Information at flashpanel.com

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gControl is tool which quickly enable Admin to reset password for Google Apps also he can force user to create complex password to improve the security. This tool provides lot of Security to Google Apps. Must Try .

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Do you have any affiliation with this app? –  Al E. Jan 16 '14 at 16:42

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