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While sharing a file/folder with another Dropbox user, will that file/folder appear in the other user's Dropbox and sync automatically to the Dropbox folder on his computer?

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If that user has set the shared file/folder to sync to their computer then yes, it will stay updated when their dropbox syncs.

Keep in mind, though, that there are many ways that the file/folder could be out of sync:

  • Other person hasn't turned on their computer
  • Other person hasn't turned on syncing for that file/folder
  • Other person has Dropbox setup to not auto-sync
  • Other person has that file open and Dropbox can't update the file because it's in use.
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Yes! As long as both the users are connected to the internet, it would work. The sync may not occur if automatically synchronization is disabled on any of the computers.

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You need to make sure that you have shared the folder - not a "share link" but rather share folder.

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