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I realize this sounds like a duplicate card, but please READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

joey had mentioned "when I try to click on (the) card I get a "overlay" 50% black color screen and nothing happens". This only happens to me when I'm using the "Search and Filter Cards" option, AND when I click on the SPECIFIC card directly.

Bradley A. Tetreault replied: "This sounds a lot like an issue with scripting error. The first steps I would try would be:

a. Log out. b. Reload the page. c. Log back in.

a. Log out. b. Restart your browser. c. Log back in.

a. Log out. b. Clear your browser cookies and cache (should be able to do in most from the preferences screens). c. Log back in.

a. Log out. b. Reboot your system. c. Log back in."

I've tried all of these in multiple browsers and the SPECIFIC card STILL won't open when using the "Search and Filter Cards" option.

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Send us an email at support@trello.com and we'll help you get to the card. –  Justin Gallagher Oct 22 '12 at 15:30
I expect this is the result of a javascript error –  Daniel LeCheminant Oct 22 '12 at 16:42

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