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In Drupal, I want the title of my story/blog to refer to an external link rather than pointing it to my own domain. The reason is, I only want to write the title (turned into the external link from where the news originated) and then not write anything on the body of that node. Please let me know if there is a module which will help me achieve this or if there is a some hack.

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Body fields of nodes is not required and you can via settings remove it from the node.

I don't think you'll find a module for doing what you want, as it should be done in the theming layer, which is usually site specific. Anyways it can be done without too much trouble.

The stuff happens in node.tpl.php where you can setup the markup for your node. Nodes can be displayed in many ways, so they won't be a single place to set it up. If you fx use views, you will most likely use different templates.

You could actually write the link into the title itself, but you would need to allow html in your titles then, as it is escaped by default. You could also use CCK to store and external link, and use theming to link it to the node title.

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