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I accidentally tagged the wrong person in one of my photos that I posted. How can I go into the post and remove that person from being tagged?

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  1. Go to Photos in the left navigation bar
  2. Click on an Album
  3. Click on a Picture > a pop-up will appear with the picture on the left and comments and options on the right
  4. There's an Edit button under the comments section > Click that
  5. That will allow you to edit the comment if you have one, and the tags.
  6. Each tag is in it's own blue box with an 'x' > click the 'x'
  7. The tag will be removed > Click 'Done Editing' to finish
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  1. Simply go to the photo where you added the tag.

  2. The photo will open in a pop-up window with the title of the photo and below that there will be the list of tagged names in a blue font with the person's name.

  3. If you hover the mouse arrow on the tag a small pop-up will open, with an option "Remove tag".

  4. Click on that to remove the tag, and the tag is removed.

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