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The only thing I still need to do is to find a way to keep the lists customized names in place for each new board I create in an organization.

Let's say I have four lists:

One Two Three Four

When I create my new board (which is weekly) I would like it to have these names for the lists instead of the default ones (to do, doing, done) so I would not have to rename them each time.

Do you have a suggestion on how can I accomplish this?

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I had to do something similar to this.

All I did was create a new board (with all lists named correctly) aswell as labels and other thins. Then I renamed the whole board "~template~" (where the ~ makes it appear on top of all board, at least for me at the time speaking).

Whenever I need a new board I simply copy my template board and rename it :)

Hope that helps you.

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