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I would like to track several keywords on twitter and publish them as blog posts on Wordpress.

There will be multiple keywords. Some keywords will be collected into one blog post. Some others will be collected into another post.

What are the tools that would help me to implement this requirement as easy as possible?

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I know a Wordpress Plugin. I hope it will be help for you.

You can check it here

And you can try with this code:

<script src="http://widgets.twimg.com/j/2/widget.js"></script>
                    new TWTR.Widget({
                      version: 2,
                      type: 'search',
                      search: 'What you want Search write here',
                      rpp: 30,
                      interval: 5000,
                      title: 'Tweetler',
                      subject: 'Updated Live',
                      width: 200,
                      height: 300,
                      theme: {
                        shell: {
                          background: '#8ec1da',
                          color: '#ffffff'
                        tweets: {
                          background: '#ffffff',
                          color: '#000000',
                          links: '#1985b5'
                      features: {
                        scrollbar: true,
                        loop: true,
                        live: true,
                        hashtags: true,
                        timestamp: true,
                        avatars: true,
                        toptweets: false,
                        behavior: 'all'
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