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I currently have an iPhone 4, and while it's very convenient to be able to upload directly from the device to YouTube.com, it only uploads in low resolution, even via wifi.

Is there a way to upload 720p videos to any web-application (vimeo/youtube/etc) directly from the iPhone?

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Since you can't use mobile Safari to upload videos, I would say this belongs on the Electronics Gadgets site. – Senseful Jul 14 '10 at 2:20
Certain webapps like vimeo and youtube have mobile counterparts - this was my reasoning for posting on here. – mike the mike Jul 14 '10 at 21:33
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  1. After you wait a few minutes a higher resolution version of the video will appear on youtube 320p.

  2. The vimeo app is for viewing only and doesn't let you upload.

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PixelPipe! http://pixelpipe.com/

allows you to upload to other sources then Youtube as well. great App.

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I downloaded the pixelpipe iPhone app - then registered an account and linked it to facebook - then proceeded to upload a HD video. I'm not sure where the video went - or even what the purpose of the app is? Does it upload it to facebook? Or is pixelpipe its own website that will host my content? – mike the mike Jul 15 '10 at 17:14

Yes, I agree with @Pipermac on the PixelPipe suggestion!

This free app allows iPhone 4 users to directly upload their 720P videos to YouTube, as well as Flickr, Facebook, MobileMe, Viddler, Posterous and a whole slew of other video sharing sites. The app evens works via email and FTP. The only caveat is that the videos cannot be over 200 MB in size.

Regarding with how to use it, check out this post: http://islandinthenet.com/2010/07/06/pixelpipe-upload-720p-hd-video-from-iphone-4-to-youtube/ I recommend that post, it gives some great information on the app and how it is used.

For example:

A “pipe” is the connector between the PixelPipe app and one or more destination sites where you want your content to be uploaded. For example, I set up pipes for flickr, picasa, and Dropbox and many others.

I setup some of my pipes as default routes. This means that any media I select to upload will automatically go to these default pipes.

For each pipe I created, PixelPipe created a routing tag. The routing tag explicitly tells PixelPipe where to upload the content overriding any default routes. If you want your content routed to different photo sets you can create a routing pipe and tag for each one.

Also, given this:

since other developers are sure to create a similar product now that they know it is possible to upload 720p videos.

If you don't like the PixelPipe app, it shouldn't be too long before another solution pops up :)

According to this page, an app called SmugMug is also 720p uploading enabled, however I couldn't find much in reference to that on their site. http://www.tuaw.com/2010/07/01/want-to-upload-720p-from-iphone-4-try-pixelpipe/

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