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I keep receiving emails sent to mailing lists which I subscribe, some of them are interested to me while other are not.

So, I want to set up the filter which mark an email as unimportant when I mark as unimportant or delete the first mail from the same conversation.

By doing so, I won't be spammed by something I'm not interested in but still receive others interesting mail from the same address.

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Here are a few things you can try:

  1. Instead of deleting or filtering the first conversation in a thread, you can "mute" the thread. In your inbox view, select the email conversation you'd like to mute, and then select More > Mute. This will prevent the thread from popping up again.

  2. Doing the same thing (selecting the thread and then clicking More), you can select "Filter messages like these." This will bring up the filters page, populated first with the senders email. You can add criteria such as:

Sender: xxxx@xxxx.com
Subject: xxxx
Has the words: xxxxx

Using the right combination might help future threads from hitting your inbox.

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