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I have added myself as an additional administrator to my wife's blog, so I can change all the settings, etc.

However, I am not getting emails about new comments posted by readers. Hence the questions:

  • Who gets these notifications?
  • How can I add myself to that list?
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In the Blogger dashboard, go to SettingsPosts and Comments and

  1. turn comment moderation on (if it's not already); and
  2. enter your email address in the Email moderation requests to field.

The email address already in the field is the one that any comment notifications are going to.

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But then someone would need to accept the comments before they are published? – Grzenio Nov 16 '12 at 7:30
Yes, that is correct. And it's a very good idea, unless you want the blog littered with comments like "This is very beautiful post" which link to spam sites off all varieties. – MaryC.fromNZ Nov 16 '12 at 23:35

In the Blogger dashboard, go to SettingsMobile and email.

On that page, add your email address to the Comment Notification Email value.

(Turning on comment moderation isn't necessary to have this work.)

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