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Everytime I log in on a new device or browser I get the SMS text message with the 2nd step digits. It's pretty annoying. I already have the Google Authenticator to calculate my digits and it works great.

How to disable SMS?

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  1. Go to Google SMS Auth Config
    • You'll be prompted for your password even if you're already logged in
  2. Click "Remove" Next the phone number
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As a side note. Mine is listed as a "Backup phone number". I might suggest you turn 2-factor authentication completely off and set it up again from scratch. May fix the issue and allow you to keep a "Backup Phone" in place. – Dez Nov 15 '12 at 22:37
Removing phone number disables 2-step. Having a backup number as the only number lets me keep 2-step? – yusf Nov 24 '12 at 22:11

You have to remove your primary phone number, which will disable 2-step authentication. Then, using the authenticator app from your phone, re-set up the 2-step authentication without setting a primary phone number. You can then add your phone number as a backup if you wish.

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