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I've got a string like

 ="Daily Avg: " &AVERAGE(C3:C13)

I'd like to be able to apply number formats within my cell's formula. Is this possible without custom scripts?

I've searched Google's help centre but found nothing.

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The text() function might help you out. There is better documentation of it on the Excel help site: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/text-function-HP010062580.aspx

What you're looking for is wrapping your average() function in the text() function like this:

="Daily Avg: " &text(AVERAGE(C3:C13),"0.00")

text() works like this:

text(number,format) where number refers to the data you're trying to convert and format refers to the way you'd like numbers to be displayed. In my example I just carried out the decimal to 2 places.

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The way you prepare the notation, makes me think of how I do it in MS Access.

In a Google spreadsheet you can also use the following straight forward formula:

=CONCAT("Daily Avg: ";FIXED(AVERAGE(C3:C13);2))
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So, if you want to add a string with a variable or function then more string, here is the format:

="Text " &DATEDIF(DATE(2015,9,8), TODAY(), "D" )  &" text."

Notice that adding more components requires the &.

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