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I have set up an email forwarder, from let's say jon@example.com to jon@hotmail.com. Jon wants to be able to send email from within hotmail that appears to come from jon@example.com. How can you do this?

(A quick web search didn't turn up anything - it's a bit hard to think of good search terms for this particular question ...)

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Provided you're in the inbox view, Options (in the top right) -> More Options -> Send and receive mail from other e-mail accounts

You can then add another email address through the interface, which then sends a confirmation email with a confirmation link.

One thing to note though is that your @hotmail.com address is used in the Sender: mail header though to ensure it's delivered, which means that any delivery reports will probably come back to @hotmail rather than @example, and some programmes will print the sender as x@hotmail.com on behalf of y@example.com

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From within Hotmail, select

  • Options (top right) than More Options.
  • Choose, Send and receive mail from other e-mail accounts

then at the bottom you can follow the instructions for setting up another account to send email from.

One thing to note is that it may say From jon@hotmail.com on behalf of jon@example.com when sending the email.

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Here's a tutorial with 7 easy steps to walk you through it:


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