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We're trying to get some Google reviews for a company by contacting their past clients and asking them to leave reviews. The process is substantially easier if they already have a Google+ account. Is there an easy way to search by email to see if they have an account?

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In Google Contacts (or through Gmail Contacts) the user information will show a "Connected Profile" if they're on Google+.

enter image description here

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I looked both in the Gmail API and Google+ API and didn't seem to find something.

But I remember working with the Google Apps for Business Contacts API and remembered that if I added to the contacts using the API, and added just the email addresses Google Apps filled the photo and the name for those that had Google+ accounts, maybe you can start from there.

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I found this tip. The concept is sound.

We are planning to use this.


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Could you please add the steps required, or at least a summary? Link-only answers aren't very helpful. – Andrew Lott Oct 23 '13 at 7:50

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