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I have seen that other users can link to local files from a card, using Markdown syntax.

I can do it in a comment (writing directly the file:/// URL) but I would like to do it in the card description. In this field I can put an URL to internet content, but I have not been able to do it for local content.

I write in card description this:


When I save the description, the word "File" is showed as a link, but when I click on it, Trello opens again the card description box for editing.

Is it a specific problem for this field?

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It doesn't look like the file:/// syntax is supported.

I tried Markdown and "plain text" formatting in the description and checklist items using file:///, mapped drive and UNC syntaxes, unfortunately none of the combinations worked.

Typing a web address (http://) into a description or a checklist item works (even without Markdown, which checklists don't support), so probably they'd have to add support for the file:/// syntax (either directly or add it to Markdown).

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