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Can you use Gmail like you'd use Outlook or Mac mail, i.e., be able to see a bunch of accounts and use them from inside Gmail?

I know that you can do this in the new Outlook.com but we're already very familiar with Gmail.

The accounts I have vary (some @gmail, some @hotmail, and a couple of work ones) although I presume you'd add them by using IMAP and SMTP user names so you'd be able to add any account.

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Yes. I have several email accounts tied into my Gmail.

You want to have a look at the Accounts and Import tab under "Settings". There you can add other email addresses that you own.

Obviously, if it's not Gmail, you'll need to know some other information, like the POP3 and/or IMAP server information (password, port). You'll also need to confirm that you control the address before you can add it to Gmail.

More information at Gmail support.

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