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Is there a way to do reports in Trello.com...?

For example, I would like to export o see a weekly report with all the cards finished in between a date range.

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When you "finish" a card, do you move it into a different list, archive it, or do something else? – Zoot Dec 4 '12 at 21:29

You could try this tool Corrello (disclosure, I built it). Which gives you reports on cards completed each week as well as a bunch of other things I'll not go into here. That includes a weekly email with those numbers in.

An alternative lo-fi solution is to create a new 'done' list each week, ie 'Done wc 15th Feb' then next week 'Done wc 22nd Feb' etc. Move these lists off to the right and you will have a record of what got done each week :).

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